Teacher Doesn’t Want Students To Be Hungry At Exam, So He Makes Sandwiches For All

Teacher fed students with sandwiches to make sure they are not hungry during an exam.

Photo: Hannah Hayes/Twitter

Last week students in Clear Springs High School, Texas, took their Advanced Placement exams. Studies show the brain uses up to 20% of energy we have, so writing a test on an empty stomach is definitely not a good idea.

That’s where teacher of English Brian Johnston came in. He prepared peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for students who had skipped breakfast that day to make sure everyone performed their best.

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Brian Johnston/Facebook

Mr Johnston has taught in Clear Springs for four years.

Hannah Hayes, a student at Clear Springs High, shared the story on Twitter prompting an immense response. In a week the post got 100k likes and almost 20k retweets.

“The world needs more teachers/people like this, god bless,” user Rachel Robichaux wrote.

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The man got praised for his choice of snack, too. Turned out he went for sugar-free bread and natural peanut butter.

Others remembered similar stories from their schools giving a shoutout to teachers across the U.S. for thinking about more than their students’ grades.

Featured Image: Hannah Hayes/Twitter

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