6 Tips That Will Help You Speak And Be Heard

Not all of us are good at speaking on public or even communicating with our loved ones. On so many occasions, though, it’s important to speak and be heard.

Let us help. Here are some tips on what you should do to gain anyone’s attention.

Mind what

1. Have an opinion

Don’t just repeat something other people say. No one wants to hear copybook maxims. Use your own experience to speak about things that matter.

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2. Stick to the truth

You must be open and honest with your words and intentions. Don’t lie or make promises you don’t mean to keep. People will value your words higher if you have a reputation for someone they can trust.

Mind how

3. Slow down

You’re not on the set of Gilmore girls, there’s no need to talk a mile a minute. Quick speech makes you look nervous. If you want to appear calm, speak slower.

4. Drop your voice

People with lower-pitched voices inspire trust. So, instead of crying at the top of your lungs, try toning it down. Works wonders.

Mind who

5. Don’t be judgemental

People will be more disposed to listen to you if they know you aren’t going to make them feel bad about themselves. Want to give advice? Don’t tell people they are wrong. Say you understand they have it hard.

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6. Don’t underestimate your listener

Most people aren’t as stupid as your constantly complaining friends believe them to be. Keep it simple, but don’t oversimplify. It’s called ‘respect’.

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