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Family Creates Star Sky Ceiling For Newborn Daughter And It’s To Die For

This family transformed the ceiling in the nursery into a night sky to greet their baby daughter into the world. The girl is due in July, and the lights are a perfect copy of the sky at the time of her birth.

Video: in3rtia/Imgur

The user in3rtia shared the story on Imgur. The couple originally saw the tutorial on Reddit. The finished project cost them under $200 and took about two days, and the result was truly magical.

Photo: in3rtia/Imgur

They started by removing the insulation in the attic and installing an outlet for the box used to control the lights.

Photo: in3rtia/Imgur

Then they used a computer program to map out the stars visible in the night sky on July 5th, 2018, the wife’s due date. The image was projected onto the ceiling to mark the 430 spots where they would drill the holes.

Photo: in3rtia/Imgur

They put a box with fiber-optic lights on the shelf under the ceiling, put each strand into a separate hole and did the caulking.

Photo: in3rtia/Imgur

While the lit-up spaghetti looked cool, it wasn’t the intended result. So they trimmed the fibers.

Video: in3rtia/Imgur

Here’s the final result.

Photo: in3rtia/Imgur

Day-time view.

Photo: in3rtia/Imgur

“In total I probably spent close to 20 hours in the attic. My knees were destroyed, my back hurt, and I’ll never do this kind of project ever again. It was 100% worth it though,” in3rtia shared.

Photo: in3rtia/Imgur

Users admired the work and talked about similar projects.

“I’m a grown ass man and I want this in my room,” user YoungGandalf commented.

“My child will never, ever, ever get something like this,”  RedWebster wrote. “Sorry kid, Dad is a lazy idiot.”

Sylvester_Scott joked, “Her first sleepover at one of her friends house is going to be so disappointing. Daughter: “Why doesn’t your ceiling have any stars?” Friend: “Wot?””

Source: Imgur, Reddit

Featured Image: in3rtia/Imgur

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