Florida Artist Made 18’9″ Tall Hat Because Why Not

Odilon Ozare from Tampa says he created the tallest hat ever made. It’s 18 feet and 9 inches, so he would hardly be denied this title, because the current world record hat is only 9 feet and 9 inches.

Photo: Odilon Ozare/Facebook

Ozare is self-described milliner or hat maker from Seminole Heights. He hopes that his record-breaking hat will help him to secure a place among “hat icons” like Coco Chanel and Alexander McQueen.

Photo: Andy Stern Design/Facebook

It took about seven weeks to make the hat that features real peacock feathers, rhinestones and other decorations.

The wearer can’t move much in this hat, otherwise it’s gonna fall over. But the milliner does not fret about it, as the hat was not supposed to be comfortable.

Hats have always been used to enhance the greatness of the wearer,” he tweeted. “The taller the hat the greater the wearer.”

Odilon hopes that his giant hat will inspire others to do something magical or just “To be the greatest in the world at something too — be more like Odilon.”

Ozare’s eccentric outfits made him a local celebrity. Last month, he threw out the first pitch at a minor league baseball game. Odilon wore a different hat, more convenient for the occasion: The world’s third largest.”

Photo: Andy Stern Design/Facebook

While half of Ozare’s statements look prankish, his actions do not. Recently he did all the official measurements needed for record verification, and send them to the Guinness Committee. In April, he got an email confirming that Tampa’s Odilon Ozare cut the record for world’s tallest hat.

“I’m just trying to show that Tampa is a unique and interesting place,” Ozare said. The artist did — you can see the world’s tallest hat only in Tampa, Florida.

Sources: Tampa Bay Times, FOX 13

Featured Image: Odilon Ozare/Facebook

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