Dreaming Big? Prepare To Make Some Big Sacrifices

Everyone strives for success, but it’s often what one needs to give up, that determines whether they achieve it. For example, losing weight. Will you be able to get fit if you can’t resist sugary treats?

Every big dream requires a sacrifice. One should consider what they might lose before pursuing their dream. Maybe it’s something you never needed anyway?


Working your way up (and staying on top) can be exhausting. Executives sleep as little as three to four hours a night, are always on a tight schedule and sacrifice hobbies or family time to work. If one is starting their own business, they’ll have to invest a lot of money before being able to reap the benefits.

Depending on the job, one might also need to be constantly present on social media or want to quit them altogether to keep their private life private. Still wondering why some people prefer a quiet and unambitious life?

If you are willing to put up with these inconveniences, a booming career can be very fulfilling. Job success brings a sense of independence and boosts your self-esteem.


Letting another person into your life changes a lot. One might have to give up habits or adjust their schedule, cut back on ‘me’ time and meet a lot of new family members.

And, of course, the sleepless nights. Hopefully, some of them involve carnal sex, but most are about caring for babies and waking up every couple of hours to feed them. And science says interrupted sleep is the worst.

While many are searching for someone to love, everyone has to decide for themselves what level of commitment they are ready for. If you choose to go for it, you’ll experience what they write the most romantic songs about. If not, it’s your choice.


Scrolling through Instagram profiles of fitness bunnies or researching for the best diet eventually tunes one into the ‘get fit or die’ mood. One should keep in mind, though, that the most effective way to lose weight and keep it off is a complete change of lifestyle. Forever.

Forget burgers and late-night pizzas with friends, parties till dawn or sitting in the office chair all day. To stay healthy as well as fit you’ll need to eat, sleep and exercise properly. That requires consistency.

After a while you’ll probably need to buy new clothes, too. As pleasant as it is, a complete change of wardrobe will tear the money out of your pocket. More than you want to think about at the moment.

The result is always worth it, of course.


One doesn’t have to be a doctor or a priest to help others – there are countless examples of strangers feeding the homeless or supporting their community. It brings enormous satisfaction, but there’s a catch.

It eats up time, income and emotional resources, and one doesn’t always get the gratitude they feel they deserve. Simply put, being a good guy is hard. On the other hand, you might change the world.

Featured Image: The Pursuit Of Happyness/ Columbia Pictures

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