Firefighter Cradles 4-Month-Old Baby Like His Own At Crash Site

There’s no such thing as other people’s children, a wise saying states. And it has been proved in a most sweet way!

Photo: Chattanooga Fire Department/Facebook

Cpt. Chris Blazek, the father of four, was more than 12 hours into his shift when he got a call about a car accident involving kids. “Anytime I see another child involved, mine immediately flash through my head,” Blazek told KDVR.It adds a certain urgency to the call.”

Photo: Chattanooga Fire Department/Facebook

He immediately left to the scene. There a pregnant woman was hysterical and complained of pain. Inside the car were her three children. The older girls seemed fine, but the baby was sobbing.

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Once Cpt. Blazek made sure everyone involved was safe, he picked up the youngest passenger and comforted her, cradling in his arms. Blazek sat and took a break with his new fosterling. The baby immediately fell asleep.  

Photo: Chattanooga Fire Department/Facebook

She just embraced me,” the firefighter told Today.

The mom Whittley Hightower was transported to the hospital while Chris stayed with the children before they were taken by family members. Soon the woman was released, and thanked Cpt. Blazek.

Screenshot: Chattanooga Fire Department/Facebook

Blazek did not expect his action to get so much attention, but he is happy that people will learn about the hard work firefighters do every day. Apart from saving lives and fighting fires, there is so much more to the job.

“It’s moments like this, that I am reminded, this is why I do the job.”

Source: Facebook

Featured image: Chattanooga Fire Department

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