Long-lasting Friendship, Or How Hurricane Harvey Bonded A Texas Girl And Policeman

The boisterous weather of August 2017 united a 10 year-old girl from Cleveland and a local DPS trooper. Almost a year after Hurricane Harvey swept across Texas, the girl is still giving back to the patrolman and his colleagues.

Kimberly Day and Chris Richmond. Screenshot: Chron

Kimberly Day was dreadfully frightened by the news of the onrushing natural disaster. Fortunately, a Texas highway patrolman Chris Richmond was there for her.

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Richmond was patrolling Cleveland that day. When he stopped by Day’s house and learned about the girl’s fears, he cheered her up and promised that everything would be okay. This is how their friendship began.

Hurricane Harvery in Texas, August 2017 Photo: Annviapri/Instagram

When 2018 Police Appreciation Week came (13-19 of May), Kimberly’s mom Rachel suggested the girl they should show respect and honor to officers.

Kimberly decided she would decorate the gate of her house with a THANK YOU banner and place bottles of cold water for all the policemen to take.

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Dozens of officers stopped by Day’s house and helped themselves during the week. They left teddy bears, sweets and notes telling how much Day’s simple deed of kindness meant to them.

Kimberly and officers of Cleveland police department. Photo: Facebook

But the most important and welcome guest was Trooper Richmond whose knack for communicating with kids once inspired confidence in a scared girl. He brought Kimberly a birthday present and thanked the girl for her compassion.

How sweet!

Source: Facebook, Chron

Featured image: Facebook

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