Police Officers In Philly Work Pedals With A Girl Who Struggles With Her Bike

Two police officers literally went an extra mile to help seven-year-old Tammarah Baht-Yisrael ride her bike up the hill in Philadelphia.

A dash cam caught the girl struggling to control her brand-new bike. She was soon joined by two 15th District bike patrol officers. Xuong Tran and Stephanie Aitken rode alongside with the little girl. They both offered words of encouragement to Tammarah.

Screenshot: 3rd Police District/Twitter

Officer Aitken became a bike patrol officer about a year ago, when she finished the academy. Stephanie says she had a hard time adapting so she could relate to Tammarah’s hardships:

“I’m shorter, so it was hard for me to even reach the pedals on the ground and stuff so seeing her I saw a lot of what I had to deal with.”

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Tammarah was on of the participants of 15th Police Districts’ Peace Ride, including 20 men riding bikes. The dash cam video shows more people joining Tammarah and officers.

15th District Captain Anthony Luca also participated in that ride. He said he was touched by his officers’ actions:

“It makes your heart melt when you see the officers waiting and assisting her — learn how to ride the bike the right way.”

Featured Image: 3rd Police District/Twitter

Sources: FOX29PoliceOne3rd Police District

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