This Little Boy Stopped Mid-Race And Made His Dad Proud

Even little kids can do big deeds. One redditor recently shared a video of his little son stopping mid-race to do something unexpected.

Screenshot: potatosconeman/Reddit

The video shows kids racing in the field on a lovely summer day. A little girl was the first to reach the finish mark, but she lost her sunhat in the process.

A little boy was following close. However, he stopped and gave up his chance to finish second to pick up the girl’s hat. He then continued running and gave it back to her. Parents cheered on the boy for his selfless act.

Video: potatosconeman/Reddit

Other parents of Reddit were moved by the video and shared their kids’ stories.

“My wife was barfing with morning sickness the other day and my almost two year son walked in tapped her on the back and said, “Mommy Kay?” Made me smile,” user Axefootmurry wrote.

“My son will be two this Saturday. No matter what the situation, if he sees someone hesitate, or struggle for even just a second. He is the first to shout in his most supportive voice. “You can do it!” It [is] heart melting when I’m dragging tree limbs across the yard and I hear “You can do it Daddy!” redditor WeTheIndecent shared.

Another user Dani_Daniela compared the boy’s actions to a moment from the Harry Potter series, “That’s like when Harry saves Fleur’s sister because he was worried about the time limit. Unnecessary, but wholesome.”

Check out other stories of kindness from kids, like the girl who waved to the subway operators or the teenagers who bake cakes for the needy.

Featured Image: Reddit

Source: Reddit

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