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7 Sweet Ways To Keep The Spark Alive From Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

Some call it trolling, we call it true love. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are a perfect couple, or at least seem like one. What makes them so special?

We tried to crack their secret by looking at their Instagram and Twitter accounts. Here are some things Blake and Ryan do that we can all learn from, as captured by the social media.

1. They are interested in each other’s lives

Blake and Ryan are both busy acting and promoting their films. It’s so easy to neglect your partner and their work when you have a lot on your plate. These spouses keep track of each other’s lives. Or do they?

Screenshot: Ryan Reynolds/Twitter

2. They value each other above everyone else

When you are in a good relationship, you don’t need anyone else. Not even Ryan Gosling.

Happy Birthday, baby.

Публикация от Blake Lively (@blakelively)

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3. They love each other just the way they are

Blake and Ryan are both good-looking and confident. Still, it’s important to let your loved ones know you accept them in their worst moments.


Публикация от Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds)

4. They spend time together

The actors know it’s crucial to find time for each other.

Screenshot: Ryan Reynolds/Twitter

5. They encourage each other to pursue hobbies

And praise each other for at least trying.

Screenshot: Blake Lively/Twitter

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6. They are never EVER jealous

Jealousy kills relationships, so these two know better than to doubt each other. Unless it’s the irresistible Dame Helen Mirren.

7. They truly know each other

We expect our partner to be our lover and friend, someone we trust completely. Right?

How do you keep the spark alive? Share your secrets in the comments.

Featured Image: Blake Lively/Instagram, Ryan Reynolds/Instagram

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