These Сalifornia Road Signs Will Remind You Of The Best Feeling On Earth

The desert landscape of Twentynine Palms has recently had a cute addition — colorful broadside billboards with an important message. There’s the same word on each of them. Written in different languages.


Photo: Kat Culture/Instagram

If you head east, you’ll see signs in Amharic, English and Traditional Chinese. To the west there’s word “Love” in Spanish, Farsi, and Kannada.

Photo: Kat Culture/Instagram

Together, the road signs near Glass Outhouse Art Gallery underline that there are no borders for this universal feeling.

Photo: Kat Culture/Instagram

Billboards were hand painted by two painters — Jacob Rafati and Katie Williams. The text on each of them was designed by a different artist. Katie and Jacob used their calligraphy to create stencils for the text art and preserve artists’ handwriting. 

Photo: Kat Culture/Instagram

For example, the lettering in Farsi was made by Shirin Abedinirad, an Iranian artist best known for her mirror installations.

Photo: Kat Culture/Instagram

You can pull off by the roadside and take cool pictures near these signs, and fill up your vocabulary with essential words for future road – and maybe romantic – trips.

Photo: Kat Culture/Instagram

Featured Image: thekatculture/Instagram, _princepersia_/Instagram

Sources: Trip Advisor, Atlas Obscura

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