10 American Towns With Names So Whacky It’s Hard To Believe They Are Real

Yes, these places are real. No, we don’t know for sure if their names are well-deserved, but we would be happy to go there and verify it. What about you?

1. Bacon Level, Alabama


This little town is known mostly for pottery, but we really hope that real bacon levels in local butcher shops are high; because if they’re low, that would be a very, very tragic irony.

Anyway, when you see a road sign that combines these two words, at least your joy levels go sky-high.

2. Fluffy Landing, Florida

If you’re thinking about a cozy pillow fort, remember it’s Florida.

We hope it’s not infested with alligators. And we really hope they’ll build an airport near the town. Can you imagine a captain announcing a landing in Fluffy Landing?

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3. Santa, Idaho


Now we know where to look for Santa when he’s out of the North Pole. Maybe it’s Santa’s summer resort, who knows.

The temperature here in June is usually 64 degrees — pretty comfy for the old cold-loving man.

By the way,  the town changed its name for Secret Santa in 2005, but only for a year. We hope they’ll bring that back.

4. Young America, Indiana

The community was platted about 1856, but they can always change the name to “Young at Heart America”. It would actually be ten times cooler!

The town itself  sprang up around a saw mill. Someone wrote “Young America” on the mill’s boiler, to indicate the promise of the fortune, so the name stuck

5. What Cheer, Iowa


We bet their cheerleading contests are worth attending. Consider this — 2005 NFL high school football coach Ed Thomas was raised here. A coincidence? We don’t think so, good sir.

6. Friendship, Maine

We were just about to buy a house in Fluffy Landing, but there you go. A place called Friendship in a state that calls itself Vacationland.

7. Money, Mississippi


Could it be the place that Sam Smith sang about? If that prim and proper Englishman is so eager to get there, we should plan a trip to Money, too.

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8. Happy Corner, New Hampshire

We’ve been looking for it everywhere, and there you have your happy corner, in New Hampshire. You can also find a beautiful covered bridge there that is also named Happy Corner. What other arguments do you need?

9. Knockemstiff, Ohio


Need a place to taste of first-stream local moonshine? Say no more. This is a  town just for you. Locals say that moonshining was formerly common in the surrounding area, which had a reputation for rowdiness.

10. Disco, Wisconsin

If you want to speak (or dance) with a ghost of Prince, you know where to go. It’s highly recommended to include this town in your route right after visiting Knockemstiff.

Sources: Only In Your State, Info Please  

Featured Image: UOregon/YouTube

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