Teacher Tells Travel Companions About Her Needy Students And Gets Surprise $530 Donation

Teacher Kimber Bermudez told fellow passengers on a flight to Florida about the challenges her low-income students face. Little did she know a casual conversation would fundraise $530 for her school.

The money will go to buy basic school supplies for students.

Photo: Kimber Bermudez/Facebook

Kimber was flying to visit her parents at the beginning of July. A man sitting next to Kimber wondered what she did for a living. The chatty woman started telling about her job at a low-income school in Chicago. She shared her passion about her students and couldn’t but mention the job was heartbreaking as well. Many of her students don’t even have books, pens and papers.

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The seatmate appeared to work for a company which donates to schools like hers. He asked for the teacher’s contacts and a moment later something amazing happened.

Related image. Photo: Southwestair/Instagram

Another man sitting behind tapped Kimber’s shoulder, apologized for eavesdropping, and handed Kimber a stack of cash telling her to “do something amazing. Two other passengers also gifted Bermudez some money.

The teacher left the plane with $530 in cash. She thanked the kind strangers and told she would spend all the money to buy books, backpacks and other necessary school supplies.

The next day Kimber told the story online and it went viral. Teachers from all over the country shared similar experiences:

What a wonderful story. I too share your experience as a teacher of children from low income families,” one user wrote. “So wonderful I never was that fortunate to have people donate to my class,” another person added.

“… This made me want to do more for the kids, and use my gift of speaking to help others in need,” Kimber says.

Read the full post on Kimber’s Facebook page.

Featured image: Kimber Bermudez/FacebookSouthwestair/Instagram

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