‘I Was First To Breastfeed My Baby.’ New Dad Wears Fake Nipple To Replace Sick Wife

Parents-to-be Maximillian and April Neubauer were looking forward to welcome their first baby. Sadly, the young mom had an emergency C-section and was unable to breastfeed the newborn. The young dad stepped up in a very special way.

Photo: Maximillian Kendall Neubauer/Facebook

The couple had a special plan before the baby was born – immediate skin to skin contact and breastfeeding. So when April was knocked out on drugs, nurses decided to carry out the mom’s wish.

Photo: Maximillian Kendall Neubauer/Facebook

They made a supplemental system imitating breastfeeding. Max didn’t hesitate. He put on a fake nipple shield, a feeding tube and a syringe with infant formula milk. Pretty soon the baby was nursing milk through the device.

Photo: Maximillian Kendall Neubauer/Facebook

April was impressed. “Not a lot of men would do what he did,” she told Yet Maximillian didn’t find it extraordinary. He said “I did it for the moms. Eat your heart out!!”

At the moment the family of three is at home enjoying their happy time together.

Featured image: Maximillian Kendall Neubauer/Facebook

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