Firefighters Build A Bench So Locals Don’t Have To Stand Waiting For Bus Near Their Station

Being a firefighter involves not only combatting the fire and saving lives, but also spreading care and giving back to the community.  This was proved by the firefighters in Charlotte, North Carolina. They noticed that people were often standing near their station waiting for a bus.

So they decided to take action.

Photo: Charlotte Fire Department/Facebook

The crew of Station 13-A used their own money and skills to build a cozy bench for the neighborhood in their free time.

Photo: Charlotte Fire Department/Facebook

At first, the firefighters made a plan and estimated the number of necessary parts. Then, they took necessary tools and handcrafted the bench.

Photo: Charlotte Fire Department/Facebook

The team polished all the details and finished it with cool captions. After the frame and main parts were ready, the men dug holes, poured the cement and installed the bench. Now people have a place to sit while waiting for buses.

Photo: Charlotte Fire Department/Facebook

The Charlotte Fire Department posted Station 13-A’s charitable deed online. “That’s a fine looking bench,” the department said in the post. Users couldn’t agree more.

Screenshot: Charlotte Fire Department/Facebook
True community involvement!

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