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This Nevada Motel Looks Like Pennywise’s Home, But You’ll Be Thrilled To Stay There

Nevada never fails to amaze, and you don’t even have to wake up in Vegas with a hangover to experience that. An old mining town Tonopah has a place full of merriment and atmosphere of long lost childhood.

Of course, if you are OK with clowns staring at you from every corner.

Photo: hollywoodparanormaldetectives/Instagram

The Clown Motel is a hotspot for travelers who are looking for a funky place to spend a night in.

A grinning clown on a lighted sign gives a clear idea of an establishment it represents. And if that’s not enough, a life-size clown who got comfortable in one of the lobby chairs should set things straight.

Photo: christian8662/Instagram

In addition to the office, all rooms are clown-themed. A visitor can notice clowns on the doors, and portraits of famous clowns on the walls. Clowns are peeking at guests from shelves as porcelain figurines and hanging from the ceiling on trapezoids. We don’t know that for sure, but we hope that there are some clown dolls right under beds in the rooms. If no, owners should implement that idea.

It is like a clown museum one can sleep in — seeing nightmares, we assume, especially after IT movie were released.

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Photo: clair_mark/Instagram

However, neither the film nor the novel by Stephen King were an inspiration for the motel.

The Clown Motel was founded by Leona and LeRoy David in 1985, a year before King wrote the original novel. They had a collection of clowns and used it to decorate the motel. The spouses also chose the location close to where their relatives were buried.

Photo: spaycecat/Instagram

As if creepy clowns were not enough, the motel is located next to a cemetery. Victims of a mysterious plague that scourged the town in 1902 are among the residents, as well as 14 miners who died in a fire in 1911.

The graveyard still resembles something you could see in Salem’s Lot — old-fashioned tombstones and old wooden fences that surround graves.  

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Photo: clownvis/Instagram

Even with such a collection of horror movie clichés, there is little evidence to think that the Clown Motel is haunted. Some people told stories of strange things that happened during their stay at the place, though even stories from Stranger Things show are much more thrilling.

Anyway, the Clown Motel is still pen for occasional travelers who make journey to Tonopah to sleep in “America’s scariest motel”. If you will dare and join them, tell Pennywise “Hey” from us.

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Featured Image: clownvis/Instagram, clair_mark/Instagram, dannygirlish/Instagram

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