Police Officer Surprises Westwood Boy By Replacing His Stolen Bike

This summer could have been ruined for 13-year-old Quentin Reilly. The boy from Westwood woke up one morning to find his bike stolen. He was devastated, but Westwood Police came in to help. Officers took it upon themselves to make sure that Quentin got a new bike just before the start of his summer break.

Photo: Westwood Police NJ

“I was really angry – why did they have to take my bike?” Quentin said standing next to the front porch of his home where the bicycle was stolen.  

It was a gift from the boy’s uncle, and there was no way Quentin’s family could afford a new one. His mom Sara has to work at a gym, deliver newspapers and cater on the weekends to make ends meet.

The teen just couldn’t keep the smile off his face standing next to his new bike

Officer Ryan Sestanovich related to the teen’s frustration. When Ryan learned about the stolen bike, he recalled that the exact same thing happened to him when he was 13.

“The feeling has stuck with me to this day and hearing about Q’s bike brought it right back,” the officer said. Ryan though he could reverse that feeling by giving a new bike to the kid.

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Officer Sestanovich began to network to fetch a new bike for Quentin. Eventually, one of the town’s shops anonymously donated a brand-new Mongoose BMX.

Officers of the Westwood Police called the Reilly family to allegedly show Quentin the photos of a bike that was suspected to be his. Instead, they presented Quentin with a beautiful blue bicycle.  

Photo: Westwood Police NJ

“This was amazing because he’s a good kid and he didn’t deserve to have his bike stolen,” Quentin’s mom said.

The teen just couldn’t keep the smile off his face standing next to his new bike.

Sources: Westwood Police NJ, Police One, North Jersey

Featured Image: Westwood Police NJ

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