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7 Times Superheroes Stepped Off Screen To Help People For Real

A superhero’s job is to fight crime and inspire others to believe that good always wins over evil. In the movies and comic books it comes down to blowing bad guys up or holding them at gunpoint.

In real life it’s a little more complicated than that.

Sometimes, though, superheroes do become real and step off screen to lift the spirits of those who need it the most.

Wonder Woman

The most recent example is Gal Gadot a.k.a. Wonder Woman. The actress who is currently shooting the sequel of her hit movie in Virginia visited Inova Children’s Hospital in Falls Church in full costume and inspired children and stuff alike.

Photo: Wonder Woman 1984/Instagram

Jamie Gentille, who works at Inova, wrote, “So grateful for the stunningly gorgeous and kind Gal Gadot for bringing her superpowers to the kids.”

Gal Gadot didn’t just take photos and talk to people there. On her Instagram account she shared the story of baby Karalyne who relies on donations of strangers to be able to battle leukemia.


This bad guy is not so bad after all. In February he made dreams of several kids come true when he welcomed them on set and presented them with their own swords. He actually called it the best thing about playing ‘the Big Red Jackass’.

Photo: Ryan Reynolds/Facebook

Not all people liked the idea because of the film’s R rating. After facing backlash Ryan Reynolds, who’s a father himself, came up with a perfect response to trolls. “If my kid went through a fraction of the shit these kids deal with daily,” the actor wrote, “I think they can watch whatever they like.”

Screenshot: Ryan Reynolds/Instagram

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Spider Man

For the new Spider Man Tom Holland becoming one of the best-loved superheroes off screen was easy and fun. Before the release of the Marvel’s Spider Man: Homecoming the actor visited the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Tom, then 20 years old, was all smiles and performed tricks like flipping in the hallway. A true superhero.

Iron Man

It’s not always hospitals. Some sick kids stay at home, but they need the help of their favorite characters all the same. That was the case with the 8-year-old Aaron Hunter, a terminally ill kid who gave a shout-out to Iron Man.

Photo: Robert Downey Jr/Twitter

Robert Downey Jr took the time to not only visit the boy but also raise awareness of his disease on the internet. He even participated in the insane Muddy Puddle challenge.

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Other superheroes have been spotted all over the place in recent years. Chris Evans put on his Captain America suit to visit a children’s hospital in Seattle.

Thor and Loki, known in the non-magical universe as Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston, took a break from filming their blockbuster movie and visited sick kids in Australia.

Black Panther Chadwick Boseman visited a sick young fan in Atlanta.

It might be tough to become the on-screen superhero, the industry is brutal. But it doesn’t take much to be a hero off screen, just a little kindness and time will do. Anyone can do it.

Featured Image: Wonder Woman 1984/Twitter, Ryan Reynolds/Facebook

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