These 4 To-Don’t Lists For Any Situation Are Way Cooler Than You Your Average To-Do List

The internet’s big on to-do lists, and it’s been proven they do help rewire your brain. But while working on their goals, one can forget about the undercover problems.

That’s why it’s good to have a to-don’t list to match every to-do list. Assessing your weaknesses and putting them down will help avoid mistakes, or at least notice them.

Not to mention, to-don’t lists are fun!

Career Don’ts

Work is a big part of a person’s life, and choices one makes in the workplace shape their personality. No matter if you run your own business or are building a corporate career, there are some universal rules.

It all boils down to working hard, doing what you love and being able to work in a team, really.

Relationships Don’ts

‘Don’t cheat’ goes without saying. What else is a no-to? Selfish behavior, however it manifests itself, and expecting too much from your partner, parent, kid or friend – if we define relationship broadly.

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Treasure your loved ones. And don’t do these ten things.

Self-growth Don’ts

Building a character is a process, and letting toxic habits go is hard and painful. However, it is vital if one wants to grow.

The most important thing one can learn is to be a little kinder, to oneself and to others.

Health & Wellness Don’ts

A body is the most valuable instrument that is given to people. It’s only natural they ought to take care of it, right? But eating right, exercising regularly and keeping all your doctor’s appointments is hard, so no judgement here.

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By the way, when was your last checkup?

And don’t forget:

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