A Richmond Girl Makes History By Becoming The First Black Female Nanoscientist In Virginia

22-year-old Ginai Seabron completed the Virginia Tech study of an object’s make-up, one of two programs of nanoscience in the state. She is the first black woman in Virginia with such a diploma.

This Virginia Tech graduate has made history by simply pursuing her dream.  

Photo: Ginai Seabron/Facebook

Ginai often noticed that she was the only person of color during classes, but it never came to her head that her science degree would be so unique.

“We talked to the department head and he looked it up and confirmed it,” she told NBC12.

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According to Virginia Tech News, Seabron worked hard to make it to graduation day. She was active on campus and served as president of the Black Organizations Council. She also sang in the Enlightened Gospel Choir and was awarded for her commitment to diversity and inclusion during the University Student Leadership Awards.

“I love helping others, and in every single one of those positions, I’ve had the great opportunity of meeting and helping out other people,” Ginai said. And they’ve also helped me through.”

Photo: Ginai Seabron/Facebook

Virginia Tech is three hours away from Richmond, so it was challenging for Seabron and her mother to keep up with the university’s schedule.

“Pray with her, tell her she can make it, never give up. That wasn’t an option for her,” says Sherita Seabron, Ginai’s mom.

In Ginai’s speech for future students, she also told them to never give up, continue to push and reach out to their professors: You’ll think you’re the only person struggling, but as it turns out, everybody’s struggling.”

Ginai Seabron plans to take a gap year to intern at Virginia Tech. But what’s most important, the graduate is getting the sleep she sometimes missed in the university.


Sources: Virginia Tech News, NBC12

Featured Image: Ginai Seabron/Twitter

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