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What Are We Celebrating On 4th July? Get Those 12 Facts Straight Before Making A BBQ

Independence Day isn’t all about flags, BBQ and fireworks. Today we celebrate the birth of our nation, the creation of the States.

How much do you really know about this day in history? Test your knowledge with our fun quiz and share it with a friend to see how much they know.

Featured Image: Stephanie McCabe/Unsplash

  • Let’s start with an easy one. Who did we become independent from in July 1776?

    • Britains
    • Spaniards
    • Mexicans
    • Aliens
  • How many people actually signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776?

    • two
    • seven
    • thirteen
    • fifty-six
  • Which of the Founding Fathers didn’t sign the Declaration at all?

    • Benjamin Franklin
    • John Jay
    • John Adams
    • John Hancock
  • How old was Thomas Jefferson when he drafted the Declaration?

    • He was a prodigy, barely out of his teens
    • In his early 30s
    • Well in his 50s
    • Almost 70
  • Jefferson changed the wording of the Declaration to guarantee to protect ‘Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’. What was the original promise?

    • pursuit of wealth
    • pursuit of property
    • pursuit of marriage
    • pursuit of happyness
  • Why wasn’t the more experienced Benjamin Franklin asked to write the Declaration?

    • He made a lot of mistakes in his writing
    • He was too old and couldn’t see properly
    • They believed he’d try and slip a joke into the text
    • He was preoccupied with other affairs
  • New country, new flag. Why were the stars on the early ‘Betsy Ross’ U.S. flag in a circle?

    • To show colonies are equal
    • To counterbalance the fact that 13 is an unlucky number
    • To recreate a constellation above America
    • EU wasn’t a thing back then
  • Now a bit of grim news. Quite a few American presidents passed away on July 4th. Who didn’t?

    • John Adams
    • Thomas Jefferson
    • James Monroe
    • Calvin Coolidge
  • Back to the present. How much has the US population grown since the signing of the Declaration of Independence?

    • 30 times
    • 56 times
    • 70 times
    • 130 times
  • Now to the celebration itself. What are the origins of the ‘Yankee Doodle’ song?

    • Are you kidding? It’s from Connecticut!
    • It used to be a French folk tune
    • It was a British military mock song
    • It originated in the Netherlands as a nursery rhyme
  • What about the melody to the National Anthem?

    • What do you mean? It wasn’t written as our National Anthem?
    • It used to be sung by plantation slaves
    • It was a hunting song
    • It used to be a drinking song
  • Finally, take a wild guess. How much chicken will Americans consume today?

    • About 40 million pounds
    • About 260 million pounds
    • About 750 million pounds
    • More than a billion pounds

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