Good Works! Marketing Exec Uses His Skills And Rock Music To Raise Money For New Jersey Nonprofits

Paul Lavenhar, a marketing company owner from New Jersey, has always been into helping others.

Three years ago he turned his life-long passion to music into a band that aids charities to raise more donations.

Photo: GoodWorks/Facebook

In teenage years Paul played in rock bands and wanted to be a musician. However, his  career path went in a different direction, music remaining a free-time passion.

“I realized I wasn’t going to be a rock star and I got into marketing and communications,” Paul says.

Paul enrolled in Temple University, Pennsylvania, and later founded his own communications agency. A marketing exec by workday, he has not given up on his passion to music and played with different bands.

Music is a great way for nonprofits to be heard

After graduation in 1982, the man’s first job was a PR director for the nonprofit theater and dance company for teenagers.

“I appreciated how hard the staff worked and how dedicated they were to the kids in the program,” Lavenhar said.

Photo: GoodWorks/Facebook

That was the first thing that stimulated Paul’s wish to help others, he confessed in Facebook.

Another impulse came from Paul’s wife Helen. She has worked with deaf children as an educational audiologist for 40 years. Watching her noble work made Paul determined to open his own charity.

In 2015 Paul joined other musicians to support a local music program in a “diner tour” that raised money for New Jersey Food Banks. The campaign turned out so successful that Paul put together his own band to do more good. He gave the band a speaking name GoodWorks.

Photo: GoodWorks/Facebook

GoodWorks organizes concerts for charities and nonprofits Those events attract attention to and thus helps to collect donations.

Paul and his band help small organizations. For example, three years ago GoodWorks helped nonprofit Baker’s Treat from Flemington, New Jersey.

Together they recorded a video to show that people with disabilities should have equal rights and equal job prospects.

The song conveys that they are smart, social, fun people, more like us than different,” says Paul Lavenhar, who also wrote the song for Baker’s Treat. 

Since then GoodWorks has helped about 30 non-profits including healthcare foundations, special-needs organizations, a community arts program, high school programs and a theater group.

“Music is a great way for nonprofits to be heard, and we hope to offer our signature brand of good works to other great causes,” Paul says. 

Source: Mycentraljersey, Facebook, Goodworksband

Featured image: GoodWorks/Facebook

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