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7 Inspiring Graduation Stories That’ll Make You Want To Go To College

Graduation is serious business. It’s nerve-wrecking, too, as any long-awaited reward.

Some people took graduating to the next level doing it under unique circumstances. Like the mother of five who graduated from a law school with honors, these graduates earned our deepest admiration.

1. Ben Hazelwood graduated from college before graduating from high school at just 18

Screenshot: Bristol Herald Courier

Not only is this Bristol teen a star athlete and honors student, he’s now a college graduate as well, almost two weeks before finishing high school. He started collecting college credits as a sophomore and by his senior year had enough to get a two-year associate’s degree from Virginia Highlands Community College.

What were you doing at 18?

2. This grandpa graduated at 96!

After WWII Bob Barger attended classes at Toledo, but he didn’t have a chance to finish his studies. The veteran had to take care of his family and work full time.

This year they counted his credits from 68 years ago. Turned out, it was enough for a two-year diploma.

Who would have thought a dream can come true more than half a century later?

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3. Darrell Kelly graduated from two universities on one day

Photo: Darrell L. Kelly/Facebook

He excels at sports and plays the sax. He finished school at 16. He’s 24 now, and he has just earned a law degree and an MBA from two different universities. Seems like having to attend two ceremonies on the same day was the least of his time-management problems.

Don’t stop, Darrell!

4. This couple shared their graduation moment while being 5000 miles apart

Photo: Southern New Hampshire University

Alexandra and Tyler White both studied at Southern New Hampshire University and graduated on the same day. Nothing special, right? Except for the fact Tyler is currently serving in the U.S. Army in Hawaii 5000 miles away from his wife. Alexandra received her husband’s degree while Tyler joined the ceremony via Facetime.

What’s next? Holographic graduates?

5. Mother and daughter Gigi and Katherine Bolt graduated from the same university on the same day

Photo: Florida International University/Facebook

They look like sisters, but they are actually mother and daughter. Gigi Bolt, 38, was a teenager when she had Katherine, and she didn’t go to university straight after giving birth. She completed her bachelor studies in 2012. She then went on to pursue a master’s degree finishing the same year her daughter got her bachelor’s.

The ceremonies were held in such a way that the two were called on stage one after another and shared this beautiful moment together. Our hearts just melted!

6. So did these grandmother and granddaughter Theresa and Zuri Lyles

Photo: Tennessee State University

This family duo is even more special. They, too, graduated on the same day, but it wasn’t just the pursuit of knowledge that tightened their bond. Theresa’s daughter, Zuri’s mom passed away in January. Grandmother and granddaughter leaned on each other during the toughest of times, encouraged each other and received their diplomas together.

Earning a degree is great, sharing it with your family is even better.

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7. This 83-year-old earned his degree after volunteering at the university library

Photo: Meg Walbaum/Twitter

As a young man, Raymond Czapkowski never finished his studies. To his surprise, no one cared much. He worked in printing and even taught at the Rochester Institute of Technology for 10 years, but his dream was never complete.

Then a couple of years ago the man started volunteering at the university library and an employee learned Raymond had never got his degree. They evaluated his experience and now there he is – a proud university graduate.

When it comes to dreams, it’s never too late.

These people prove there’s no such thing as impossible. Whatever your dream, nothing can stop you if you put your mind to it.

Sources: Bristol Herald Courier, NBC, WCPO, Inside Edition, People, Essence

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